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The NFR Difference

NFR has built an extensive national network of experienced, reliable, Subcontractors specialized in onsite inspections and preservation activities. Every contractor goes through rigorous background and reference checks. All contractors are also required to execute Independent Contractor and Service Level Agreements as well as a Privacy Statement.

As part of our ongoing quality assurance, NFR coordinators closely monitor all contractor activity using a wide array of controls, reviews and management reports. Patterns of untimely service, errors prompting rechecks, coordinator concerns and/or third party complaints are identified, addressed and fully resolved to the satisfaction of both NFR and our customers. Our Contractor Services Department is dedicated to locating new contractors and maintaining the subcontractor network.

The diligent pre-qualification and ongoing monitoring of our Subcontractors helps NFR deliver on our core principles that make up The NFR Difference. To learn more about how NFR can work for you, contact us today.

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