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The NFR Difference

No other field service provider has combined these fundamental principles so effectively so powerfully to the benefit of Mortgage Servicers. The result is simple: we make your job easier so you can efficiently manage your business.


Highly accurate reports are imperative for effective field servicing. As an NFR customer you benefit from the quality checks that are built into our systems. Detailed reviews by experienced staff are conducted on each and every inspection or preservation report. Resolution of any incomplete or inconsistent information is achieved prior to the delivery of the report to you.


NFR's performance statistics reflect our commitment to timely service:

50% of regular residential inspections are completed within six days
70% of regular residential inspections are completed in eight days
90% of regular residential inspections are completed in twelve days


We are known for our willingness to go the extra mile. Our commitment to customer service is such that we make it a core component of our employee performance evaluations. Any questions or concerns from our customers are fully explored and resolved. In addition to being responsive, NFR is committed to resolutions that prevent reoccurrences. We are large enough to serve you and small enough to know you and your needs.


NFR customers enjoy greater efficiency, tighter quality controls and shorter time-cycles through our leading-edge automation process. We are fully compatible with all mortgage servicing electronic data interfaces, such as LPS, MortgageServ and Interlinq. The highest levels of security and confidentiality are backed by the speed, efficiency and accuracy of our automation systems.

See a personalized demonstration of how we apply these four principles to work for you – contact us today.



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