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Residential Field Services

It’s easy to begin working with NFR:

1. Start with a Discussion

Contact us online or call to discuss how our systems, team and capabilities can specifically meet your inspection and preservation needs.

Request our informational inspection and preservation overview package
and/or schedule a quick demonstration of our user-friendly website.

2. Setup an Account

NFR will review your specific requirements such as:

  • How you would like to send and receive your requests: online, via spreadsheet, LPS, MortgageServ, Interlinq, etc.

  • How many photos you need and when

  • What information should be left on doorknockers

  • What reports would be helpful

  • How/when you would like to be invoiced

NFR will then assign your primary account coordinator, who is backed by a team of NFR professionals who are also familiar with your requirements. We’ll provide NFROnline training for your staff that makes working with NFR fast, easy and effective.

3. Start Placing Orders

You can begin ordering using our website, and/or email your spreadsheet, and/or send the file through an electronic data transfer system. Results will be returned via NFROnline and via electronic data transfer or email spreadsheet – Whatever is most convenient for you!

NFR makes it easy for mortgage servicers to start working with us, so you can
start leveraging the benefits of superior field servicing quickly and easily.

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